Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jackfruit Idli/ Phansa Idli

I always feel that the jackfruit we find in US lacks the flavor of the jackfruit we get in India. My parents visited me last Fall and my mom got me a concentrated paste made from phanas or jackfruit. She pureed the fruits of a whole jackfruit and then heated the paste with jaggery to make concentrate. I made idli's out of this paste and they made me reminisce the memories of yet special dish back home.

1 cup ripe jackfruit puree
1 cup jaggery or as per taste
1/2 cup grated coconut
1 cup sooji or rava


Mix 1/2 cup water with the puree. Grind the puree with the jaggery and coconut. Fry the rava on low flame till you get a good aroma. Cool down and mix 3/4 cup rava with the puree. Leave it aside for 25 minutes. The rava will expand and will absorb the water from the mixture. The idea is to make a batter which is like the consistency of idli should not be very thick like chappati atta. Add if more rava is needed.
Steam the idli's in the idli stand. I steamed it in a pedavan which is a traditional steamer used in Konkani households. The advantage is that the idli's are of bigger size and it saves steaming time for me...which means I have to make only one batch as opposed to 3 batches on my small idli stand. Serve the idli's hot with butter or honey.