Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chana Salad

Last weekend we had a hearty breakfast with my friend V. She had made great sabudana kichidi and this chana salad as a side dish. The tomatoes used in this salad are from their own kitchen garden. They also grow jalapeno and many other herbs like mint and coriander in their garden. My husband loved this salad and it has become a regular at my place. It is very simple to prepare and yet very nutritious.

1/2 cup chana
1 medium onion
1 tomato
lemon juice for taste
salt for taste
2 green chilies

Wash and soak the chana overnight or for around 8 hours in plenty of water. Pressure cook the soaked chana till it is soft but also remains firm. Let it cool down. Chop onion and tomatoes into small pieces. Chop the green chilies finely. Mix the chana with chopped onion, tomato and green chillies. Add salt for taste. Mix in lemon juice just before serving.