Sunday, August 1, 2010

Portola Redwoods State Park

What to do on a Sunday morning in South Bay Area? Head to Portola Redwoods State park located in San Mateo - one of the beautiful hiking trail in the Bay area. It has a lovely drive leading to the hiking trail. The visitor office has a impressive collection of stuffed wild animals and a small museum explaining the plant and animal life found around.
The trails lead through many majestic redwood trees
and rich green vegetation. Beautiful streams are found at various locations on the trails and the sound of gushing water is very sweet to the ears. The Sequoia Nature trail which winds around the Pescadero Creek is beautiful. Banana slugs are found and in plenty around here and much of the park reminds me of the Fern Canyon National Park.
Most of the trail is covered by the canopy of huge redwood trees, so it makes a great option to hike on hot summer afternoons. We had been here in Summer of 2008 and it was pretty chilly out here. Its good to carry a light sweater even if hiking during the afternoons. Many hikers start early in the morning though not many are found in the late afternoons. There are a few horse stables located down the Portola valley and occasionally one can see a horse or two around. A huge camping ground and plenty of benches to sit around the grounds makes it a awesome camping place.

Stuffed Animals in the Park Office

View of the Bay from the highest point

Clear Water Streams

Fallen Redwood Trees

Three Wise Men