Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awards From Dear Blogger Friends

Supriya Nair of Cook In a Blog World has shared this award with a meme. Thanks Supriya. The following is my meme

The following is my meme:

  1. Where is ur cell phone: purse

  2. Ur hair: long

  3. ur mother: Loving

  4. Ur father: Cool

  5. Ur fav food: Anything which is healthy (Though I am always tempted by sweets n fried savories)

  6. Ur dream last night: Don't remember..will check out what's in store for today ;)

  7. Ur fav drink: Kasaya (Konkani Tea)

  8. Ur dream/goal: enjoy every moment of life

  9. Wat room u r in: Living room

  10. Ur hobby: Blogging/reading

  11. Ur fear: Insects

  12. Where do u want to be in 6 yrs: Enjoying with family

  13. Where were u last night: Home

  14. Where did u grow up: Mumbai/Bhopal/Pune/Bangalore

  15. Last thing u did: Watch TV

  16. Ur t.v: Off

  17. Ur pets: None, but plan to have one I can afford to take responsibility.

  18. Ur friends: Beautiful at heart

  19. Ur life: Memorable

  20. Ur mood: Always thinking

  21. Missing some one: Mom

  22. Vehicle: Accord

  23. Something u r not wearing: frown

  24. Ur fav store: Macy's

  25. Ur fav colour: Mauve

  26. When was the last time u laughed: Minutes ago

  27. Last time u cried: this morning when I stepped out from home into the darn, freezing col weather outside.

  28. Ur best friend: Husband

  29. One place i go over and over: Beautiful memories

  30. One person who emails me regularly: N

  31. Fav place to eat: Yana's Pune