Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dudhi na Muthia

I saw this recipe on Vani's blog. Thanks Vani for sharing this recipe:-)

I make handvo quite often, but this recipe seemed much simpler to make as there was no prior fermentation needed. It took me just 20 minutes (thanks to my food processor , it took me 2 minutes to grate the pumpkin and gourd) to make the batter and 30 more minutes for steaming. I had a small piece of lauki (bottlegourd) left, so I also added a lot of grated pumpkin and carrot. I also added chopped coriander leaves and 3 tablespoon of grated coconut while making the batter rather than as a garnish.

Serve steaming hot with Coriander-mint chutney and Chai.


Vani said...

Glad you liked it Supriya! Love the looks of yours and the tweaks you've made. You're right - this is way simpler than handvoh.

Supriya said...

Yes Vani, loved the simplicity and taste of this dish.

Parita said...

Love your addition of pumpkin and coriander..i am sure it would have tasted delicious!

Supriya said...

Thanks Parita :))