Friday, August 6, 2010

Reposting for Flavours of Gujarat Event

I am re-posting these two recipes for Flavours of Gujarat event organized by Nayna of Thanks Nayna for organizing this event!


Unknown said...

Hi Supriya,

stumbled upon ur blog while googling for chudi pooja. Read ur post on the same. need bit of info.. do u send chudi bk home to elders? if yes, how do u send it... i mean is it allowed thru post? plz reply.. this is my first chudi n need to send them to the elders.

btw have blog rolled you. do chk up on it.


~ Purnima

Supriya said...

Purnima: Nice to meet a Puneri blogger:) My mother would send chudi by post. She would wrap the chudis in a separate paper so that the fresh chudis would not stain the letter enclosed in the envelope. I live in US so I have not yet sent it to India, but I distribute them to my Konkani friends here.

Unknown said...

Thanks a mill, Supriya! That helps a lot! :)