Saturday, June 4, 2011

Breadfruit Fritter / Jeev Kadgi Phodi

Bread Fruit fritters is considered a delicacy in Konkani households. Fritters, bhajiya and upkari (sabzi) is made from this bread fruit. Both fritters and sabzi are had as tea time snacks with tea or kasaya. Click here to see how bread fruit looks. 

bread fruit
besan or gram flour 1/2- 1 cup as needed
pinch of heeng or asafetida
red pepper powder for taste
salt for taste
oil for frying


Cut the breadfruit depending on how many fritters you are preparing and keep the remaining part in the refrigerator. Skin the bread fruit and slice it as shown in the below picture. The central stem which extends into the fruit should be also removed.

Apply salt, red chili powder to the bread fruit slices and keep aside for 15-20 minutes. 

Mix water with the gram flour to make a thick paste of idli atta consistency. Add salt, asafoetida to the gram flour paste as per desired taste. Dip the bead fruit slices in the gram paste and fry it in hot oil on both sides till done. Serve hot as snacks or as a side dish with meals. 


Prathibha said...

Never had this fruit..looks delicious..:)

Supriya said...

Yeah, it is available in western coastal India. We also get canned breadfruit in Chinese stores in US.

Pooja said...

Hi Supriya..not sure if you are still actively blogging, but I found your posts/article very interesting. I cam eacross your blog while trying to search for breadfruit in Sunnyvale area. I recently moved here and di dnot find in any stores. Are you still in bay area?

Supriya said...

It is available at Coconut hill in Sunnyvale. I have also seen rarely at King's seafood, Madras groceries, Cash and Carry. May be you can call them and ask them.